Here's a terrifically swinging version of 'Just In Time' from me, the great Sue Greenway on saxes (ex-Syd Lawrence Orchestra) and the amazing Australian bassist Danny Moss.  Sadly, Sue wandered out of shot straight away, so you have to make do with listening to her wonderful playing!

Here's me with the lyrical saxophonist Mike Wills in a lovely, relaxed version of ' Like Someone In Love'...

... a couple of videos of me playing with the wonderful Joe Carey on saxophones...

.. and another session with the sadly headless (but nevertheless very groovy!) Richard Wargent.... sorry, still getting the hang of the recorder!

 And here are some swinging standard tunes from my regular trio...


Come Fly With Me.mp3 Come Fly With Me.mp3
Size : 3461.633 Kb
Type : mp3
Samba de Orfeo.mp3 Samba de Orfeo.mp3
Size : 2590.204 Kb
Type : mp3
There Will never Be Another You.mp3 There Will never Be Another You.mp3
Size : 2538.316 Kb
Type : mp3

 ... and some with an energetic latin twist!

Yesterdays.mp3 Yesterdays.mp3
Size : 3565.214 Kb
Type : mp3
The Song is You.mp3 The Song is You.mp3
Size : 3640 Kb
Type : mp3

 Some solo piano tracks in various styles...

I Wish I Knew How.mp3


Jar Of Hearts.mp3

New York State Of Mind.mp3

 Here's me accompanying a couple of vocalists in a variety of settings from full band to duo with just piano and voice.

Alright With Me.mp3 Alright With Me.mp3
Size : 3733.28 Kb
Type : mp3
Sunny.mp3 Sunny.mp3
Size : 3205.117 Kb
Type : mp3
Route 66.mp3 Route 66.mp3
Size : 4305.068 Kb
Type : mp3
Fly Me To The Moon.mp3 Fly Me To The Moon.mp3
Size : 5259.102 Kb
Type : mp3

 Some trio tracks with a more modern approach, including the original 'Human Flowers'

Jody Grind.mp3 Jody Grind.mp3
Size : 3005.35 Kb
Type : mp3
Nature Boy.mp3 Nature Boy.mp3
Size : 2805.117 Kb
Type : mp3
Human Flowers.mp3 Human Flowers.mp3
Size : 7090.117 Kb
Type : mp3